Loose Threads


I think not.

It all began innocently enough, it began with a ringing doorbell. Now Felix DaCat may be a little paranoid, what with the death threats from his parents in the Summer Court, but it seems today it was warranted. After leaping out of his apartment window (paranoid remember?) he was greeted by Sattuma of the Winter Court. Seems a little changeling girl had gone missing and Sattuma wanted Felix DaCat to track her down. After all, he did owe her a favor or two for protecting him from his rather angry father.

At the same time Ray Malvora was getting a call on his cell phone. Cortez Fearheller wanted to give him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Namely he was to track down Anita Manders in exchange for his continued good favor. Not wanting to loose his kneecaps to a baseball bat Ray agreed.

Women, it’s always women with Nichlois Zeroiski. You’d think he’d have learned by now to stay away from them by now but he just doesn’t learn. Today’s women troubles came in the form Warden Allyson Heidecker. She needed him to meet with her and another unnamed wizard later to answer some questions about a missing changeling girl. Rather clueless, but not wanting to piss off the combat arm of the White Council, Nich agreed to their meeting. Funny things happen though and Ray decided right then would be a wonderful time to call and ask Nich for his expertise in the matter of the missing girl. Ray barely managed to avoid having his family name, Malvora, blurted out by the front desk girl in front of a Warden. Nich agreed to meet him and help investigate as long as he could still make his meeting with the Council.

Sitting at home by himself the last thing Katsu expected was a flower delivery. Let alone one from the head of the local White Court of vampires. The card asked him to look into the missing girl of a local family, or the Skavis would find out where he ran off to with their family heirloom. Enjoying his continued existence Katsu set out to find the missing girl.

Chubbins was finally enjoying his first day off in a long time. Unfortunately it couldn’t last. Getting a call from Jerey to repossess an overdue mirror of some kind. Being the stalwart employee that he is Chubbins sets out for the job with a minimal amount of complaining. To bad that doesn’t last too long.

It just so happened that all the group arrived at the lost child’s house at the same time. After some initial confusion involving Chubbins trying to repossess the mirror from the terrified mother the group eventually convinced the parents they where consultants for the police. They questioned the parents on various subjects ranging from possible enemies (none) to when their daughter disappeared (2 days ago). Eventually Nich learned of the odd expensive mirror and learned that it was delivered 4 days ago (hooray for wizard paranoia). The parents also did not recall ordering the odd mirror and where planning to return it to the sender. Chubbins learned that the mirror was being stored in the garage and headed off the muscle it into his truck, Nich joined him wanting to investigate if anything supernatural was up with the mirror.

Guess what? Turns out there was. After moving the mirror a bit and yelling at each other Chubbins and Nich noticed a rather large pounding noise coming from the mirror’s box. The mirror shattered outward shredding it’s box and releasing a strange women with green hair and odd looking eyes. Immediately Nich threw a ring of salt around the mirror and managed to hold the women he believed to be a fey inside it despite Chubbins clumsiness. She demanded to know where her daughter was from the wizard (Nich) ignoring Chubbins protests that she would have to pay for the mirror. Eventually both Katsu and Ray arrived and managed to both intimidate and reason with her enough to avoid having her tear them to shreds. Her name is Lady Greenveil, a powerful emissary for the Summer Court. She also revealed to Mr. Manders that Anita was not of his blood (he called her a lying bitch, which she didn’t take well at all). In the end she departed swearing bloody vengeance on the group if they hurt the girl (though she didn’t exactly tell them to stop looking for her). The group poked around a bit afterward learning that Mrs. Manders had an affair with a strangely beautiful man. She pleaded with them not to tell her husband and they agreed. Katsu managed to find some hair from the girl on a brush (stowing it away for a later tracking spell). Ray on the other hand was given her favorite stuffed animal Mr. Fluffykins to gain her trust should they find her. The big scary vampire not wanting to carry around a bright red carebear handed it off to Katsu. They also discovered an abnormal growth of plants below the window and crushing marks along the window sill. Katsu also questioned the doorknob and window lock, learning that the girl had most likely opened the window before it was forced open and that no one had come through the door after the parents.

After all this excitement Nich still had to make his meeting with the Wardens. He showed up and was asked about a missing changeling girl. Turned out the Wardens where looking for the same girl the group was. Nich spilled his guts metaphorically to avoid having them spilled literally. Allyson Heidecker and her mystery guest immediately headed out, especially fearful that the White Court was looking for her as well. Seems the White Council is afraid that Lady Greenveil may cause problems with their Summer Court allies if her child is not found.

Chubbins Nickolis Zeroiski and Ray Malvora decided to head out and investigate the antique shop where the odd mirror had come from. Bills Emporium turned out to be a regular little shop that sold old nick-nacks of all kinds. The owner of the store, Bill, had found the rather shiny mirror at a garage sale and picked it up for a rather large discount. After cleaning it up a bit someone bout it online and had it shipped to the Mander’s house. The person who bought the mirror turned out to not be the Mander’s at all. Someone else had purchased the mirror and had it shipped to the Mander household. During the conversation with Bill Allyson Heidecker and her mysterious guest arrived in the shop to complicate matters. After a shouting match (during which Bill slipped out the back) the Warden backed off stating that if the White Court injured the girl there would be hell to pay.

At the same time Katsu was whipping up a tracking spell to find the missing girl using some hair he had found on her brush back at the house. The spell went together quite well and now Katsu had an enchanted compass to track down the girl. That was until Mr. Fluffykins stole it from him turning in a giant demon bear in the process. Panicking Ray flung every loose bit of sharp metal in his lab at the thing. After being torn up pretty good Mr. Fluffykins decided to jump out the windows and flee. Katsu immediately grabbed a spot of blood from the transformed toy and crafted a new compass to tack down the bear.

Will our heroes catch the demon teddy bear? Who is the mystery guest with the warden? Where is Anita Manders? Tune in next week to find out!



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