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Updates Log!

Okay so there where these necromancers who wanted to give up the life since their master had died. They wanted Katsu to find a magic book for them so they could destroy it preventing anyone else from falling prey to it’s contents. Katsu tracked it down with the aid of the trusty band eventually leading to a hilarious chase after a zombie through a large park like graveyard. After recovering the book at the cost of their dignity they decided not to trust the necromancers and made copies of the book. Eventually they decided to burn the original book to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Bad idea.

Destroying the book released the spectral form of some angry entity (later turning out to be the necromancers old master who was bound up in his old spell book). It took possession of Ray’s assistant Jamie Voris. He mutated into a destructive creature eventually having to be killed by Ray who fed on the fear of the possessed man killing him in the process.

They went back to the necromancers and banished the old master freeing the one necromancer who actually wanted to reform in the process. The other two had planed to use his body to resurrect their dead master.

A Few Days Later -

Summit of acourd members called to discuss recent attacks by strange humans who somehow knew about what the supernaturals where. Strange butterflies are unintentionally smuggled in by the group. These erupt from the groups arms causing massive chaos at the meeting as everyone gives in to their urges attacking or humping everything else there. As the group pulls the alarm to get everyone to escape the sprinkler system rains a strange concoction on every making the already resulting chaos even worse as almost everyone touched by the water is hit by a mind affecting spell that impairs their judgement. This resulted in a small warehouse sized room filled with angry supernaturals who where now mostly drunk out of their minds.

The group used the connection of the spell to track down it’s origin. It was a maenad that had been commissioned by another mage to disrupt the summit. They track down this mage and ruff him upa bit eventually learnig that he had been contacted by some strange being in his dreams who would not leave him be until he attacked the summit for it. This creature then proceeded to possess one of the mindbenders assistants and depart into the never-never.

Eventually the creature whipped the city into a frenzy of anti supernatural hatred causing the random citizens to recognize and attack everything supernatural angry mob style. They lay siege to Nicholas Zeroiski’s home with the group and Allyson Heidecker. She reveals that the “creature” is in fact her old apprentice Erik Luczynski. The recruit the knights of nigh including Kenneth Edge. They go the courthouse and have a fight eventually exorcising Erik Luczynski from the girl.



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