Loose Threads

Speed (Up) Dating

Quick Update

Having found the missing girl at the USS Constitution the group returns her to what appear to be her real parents. They are then attacked by a group of Cortez Fearheller who has been promised favors by Lady Greenveil if they can recapture Anita Manders. A large battle begins drawing in the police who are struck dumb by the odd occurrences happening outside of the house. After a long battle involving a destroyed wall, a well timed uppercut that killed Cortez Fearheller and a large truck driven by Chubbins running over Lady Greenveil (irons a bitch at 0-60 mph) the group had the attackers on the run.

Or did they? believing the fae defeated the group began moving the family to the truck for a quick escape. However they did not expect Lady Greenveil to lift the truck off herself and rush at Anita Manders with the ritual knife that would return the misplaced power back to it’s rightful owner. In a stunning moment of heroics, especially for a fear sucking vampire, Ray Malvora knocked the knife away and attempted to stop Lady Greenveil. During the struggle however Anita Manders proved she was not as helpless as she appeared, stabbing Lady Greenveil with the same implement that was to take her own life. This resulted in Anita Manders absorbing Lady Greenveil’s power! After ascending to her new state Anita thanked the group, wiped the polices memory (much to Nicholas Zeroiski worry at the ease) and disappeared into the Never Never.



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