Loose Threads

We can do this the Hard Way

or the Chubbins way

Some things don’t work out the way you want them to.

For example: you put all your time and effort into a nice tracking spell and a damn demonic teddy bear runs off with your focus!

Least Katsu kept a level head. Immediately grabbing a bit of dropped blood/fluff he threw together a spell to track Mr. Fluffykins instead. Also calling up backup from the rest of the gang to help him hunt down the evil bear.

The gang found themselves in an old subway tunnel that had seen better days. As they tracked the bear they ran into the left over fluff of what appeared to be Mr. Fluffykins remains. Standing over them was a Tunnel Snake who had ripped apart the demon that dared to enter it’s domain. After trying to get some information out of the snake they managed to piss off yet another creature from the Never Never. Deciding that being eaten was not in their interests they ran for the exit.

After popping out of the subway system the group ran into a rather odd character, Flit. He appears to be some kind of shape-shifter who is also looking for Anita Manders. HE is rather blunt about the subject, going so far as to reveal that Anita is not Lady Greenveil’s daughter. She is actually a changeling that unfortunately happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She wound up with a shed chunk of Greenveil’s power and is now trying to escape her before she retrieves it rather fatally for Anita. Flit also points them towards Carpenters Comic Corner to maybe get a few info bits on the Anita situation.

After poking around in the comic shop for a bit the characters get attacked by captain obvious. Why don’t they just ask the Mander’s where their daughter could be hiding?

Also Chubbins picked up the lasted issue of the Flash.

Acting on the obvious the gang broke into the daughters room and read through her diary. They eventually decided to go poke around some of the places Anita may have been. Eventually poking around the park and then traveling to the Naval Yard to investigate the USS Constitution. Chubbins used a convenient repo run to get on the base while the others just took the tour of the USS Constitution. Eventually they find the girl hiding in the boats hold under a veil. Using some careful dialogue to calm down the girl they eventually convince her that they are powerful knights who have come to save her from her evil fairy godmother (Lady Greenveil).

Eventually they bring the girl back to her ‘parents’ and all is well.

Well at least till the angry fairy dogs made of broken glass attack.

The group fights off the dogs but Ray Malvora’s hands and arms are ripped up pretty bad. Good thing he has that vampire healing working for him. However fearing his hunger will get the better of him he retires to the bathroom and run off out the window.

What will happen to out hero’s next? Pick up the next action packed issue!


He picked up the latest Iron Man, not Flash. :P

We can do this the Hard Way

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