Allyson Heidecker

Warden of Boston


Allyson Heidecker is the current warden of the Boston area. She makes her home in Salem of all places. She is in fact the reason that most supernatural critters believe that the area is cursed. She tends to kill anything that pisses her off and isn’t human. She has even killed a few warlocks who thought it would be fun to hide out in Salem.

Those encountering her for the first time are most likely to have 2 things happen. IF they are normal she’ll be nice and neighborly to them, probably even invite them over for some tea. On the other hand if you are even REMOTELY abnormal she will immediately take a disliking to you. Use your power in any way shape or fashion resembling breaking a law of magic and she will break you. Then drag you in front of the White Council for judgment, assuming you survived said beating.

Allyson Heidecker

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