Erik Luczynski

Dead but still hanging around


Erik Luczynski is a dead wizard.

When he was killed by his teacher for destroying many citizens of Boston’s minds something odd happened. Something made a pact with him. The details are unclear to even to Erik but one thing is for certain, he gets to drag as many wizards into the dark as he wants. Personally Erik is just fine with that.

Erik has the ability to feed upon someones magic potential allowing him to take their power and hijack their body. It only seems to work on those with a humanoid form so far however so any meat puppet Erik is pretending to be will be a mortal.

Any body taken by Erik will still continue to decompose but at a slower and less smelly rate. That is unless he takes the body of a wizard, they stay fresh until he runs their magic dry killing them in the process.

Erik Luczynski

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