Alexander Merlith

Mentor and Teacher of Nicholas Zeroiski


The former master of the rather introverted and paranoid Warder, Nicholas Zeroiski. This wizened old fool worked as an agent in one of the ‘Psychic Soldier’ projects during the 60s and 70s as cover for finding talents to train and join the White Council after their training was done. Tends to not poke into matters and generally prefers to stay detached from any official channels to instead act on his own, uninhibited by the problems of the times (the war with the Reds, currently) and less by the stringent, ever changing directives of the Council.

His current whereabouts are unknown though there was talk that he was in China looking into the growing amount of talents in the region or something about a Jade Court inviting him for tea. Who the hell are the Jade Court?

Out of Sight, Out of Mind (If under a Veil, Alexander generally is forgotten about even to the point of those close to him remembering he existed to begin with. This also counts if he is very far away and surrounded by things serving him tea)

I Have Telepathy… like a Werewolf (If you get the joke, kill yourself. If not, Alexander tends to have this odd foresight and reading people after a few odd years learning from an Arabian group of Werewolves. Must be the nonverbal communication training or Werewolves really are psychic. Naaaaah. Suck it Twilight lychans)

Alexander Merlith

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