Heather Timberland

Ogress and Bane of Chubbins


A former Changeling who decided to become a proper fae during a slightly inconvenient act and time for Nicholas Zeroiski- her now semi-associate and partial guardian/mediator to prevent Allestia’s contract with Heather’s mother from taking full hold. She tends to silently guard Nick’s house as a means to pay him back and has often prevented Chubbins from entering and snooping around for some television and car of sorts. She’s still not sure why the rather crude man still tries after she punted him to the curb more than once but no matter- she likes to practice on someone who can actually take a blow or two from her outside the Never Never.

Associated Aspect:
Thar Be Ogres (guards Nick’s house from simple burglary and mundane threats; kinda makes it messier when she does so Nick’ll need to clean it up once she’s done “helping”. No direct action taken against major threats like assaulting Sidhe or demons)

Heather Timberland

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