Melissa Gronch

That Intern


Notable skills:
Superb: Alertness
Great: Intimidate, Scholarship
Good: Lore, Performance (she was into theater), Rapport
Fair: Discipline, Driving, Rapport, Empathy
Average: Contacts, Conviction, Deceit, Might, Resources

Capable Researcher (2 time increments faster for research including instant research)


Melissa is a grad student whom specializes in Occult and Paranormal sciences at MIT’s Psychological Sciences division. She believes Nicholas may be a werewolf or some form of alien psychic due to his aloof nature and tendency to talk to himself as he reads. Most of these self conversations seem to involve his recent wards but she just thinks he’s talking in geometric gibberish.

Due to her interest in the subject matter she tends to help Nick with some side research as she slowly builds a case study about the wizard that she thinks is something else.

Melissa Gronch

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