Nicholas Zeroiski

Warder, not always the best soldier


High Concept: Warder, not always the best soldier
Trouble Aspect: Women always women
Becoming Like Two
Eye of Chronos [with Cassandra’s Tears]
Grossly Little Fairies
Red Card
Banned Camp


SP: 3
Superb: Discipline (SP#1), Lore
Great: Alertness, Conviction
Good: Contacts, Fists, Rapport
Fair: Athletics, Endurance, Resources
Average: Empathy (Reskill from Weapons), Guns, Intimidation (SP #3), Investigation (SP #2), Scholarship

Refesh: 12
Used: 11
Refinement (2 Specializations: +1 Water Power, +1 Wards Control)
Refinement (2 Specializations: +1 Earth Power, +1 Wards Complexity)
Refinement (New Element: Fire; +1 Power Specialization)
Refinement (New Element: Air; +1 Power Specialization)
The Sight
Wizard’s Constitution
Cassandra’s Tears

Air (1 Power Specialization; 5 power, 5 control)
Earth (2 Power Specialization; 6 power, 5 control offensive; 6 power, 6 control defensive)
Fire (1 Power Specialization; 5 power, 5 control)
Spirit (4 power, 5 control)
Water (1 Power Specialization; 5 power, 5 control)
Specialty: Wards (2 Complexity, 1 Control)

Base Complexity Shifts (All): 5 {Lore}
Shifts per casting roll (All): 5 {Discipline}
Base Complexity Shifts (Wards): 10 (5 {Lore} 2 {Refinement} 1{Tool} 2{declaration})
Shifts per casting roll (Wards): 7 (5 {Discipline} 1 {Refinement} 1 {Tool})
All Times based on Roll Average for gathering Power per Scene spent and assuming +0

Focus Items:
Evocation (1 slots):
*Silver Ring with Copper Lacings (1 Earth Defensive Control)
Thaumaturgy (1 slots):
*Sigil of Petrified Wood (+1 Wards Complexity, 1 Wards Control)
Enchanted Items (1 Focus slot = 2 slots):
*Potion Slot
*Resin Preserved Mini-Magnolia Bloom (2 Strength Armor as a temporary layer of bark encases the user; 2 uses per session)

Custom Spells

Owned Items:
Nick’s House


Phase Aspect: Becoming Like Two

Born: August 28, 1959.

Years ago there was a youth born to a small family in Gooding, Idaho. One time, amongst his youth, he told of a catastrophe- as assassination. The year was 1963, November 22nd. The man was named John Kennedy and this young man saw the knoll, grassy as it could be. It was so odd for such young boy to see such things- so odd that is quickly drew the attention of those of the Supernatural world.

Two months after JFK’s assassination, the Zeroiski household was privy to a guest: Alexander Merlith. He was a calm, seemingly wizened person whom approached the parents as a potential benefactor to the young boy whom he saw as a potential benefit to his… assets. In truth he was an affiliate of the White Council looking for up and coming talents, something that they once had time for. His approach was that of someone acting as an advisor to the Federal Government, claiming that their son could easily protect the country from the Russians if he were nurtured and that they were very fortunate to find one so powerful so young. In proper perspective, Alexander did work for a branch of the Feds as partial cover, information gathering, and general income to help with his story but he was more interested in seeing just how developed this seemingly new talent was.

So entered Nicholas into his unknowing apprenticeship cloaked as soon to be assisting the US government in fighting the Cold War. Even at four years old he was slowly taught to focus, explain his dreams- the primary source of his temporal visions- and eased into a life of pure wizardly experiences. In short, he never had a normal life and grew up amongst the books and tomes of his musty life. The books were more of a family to him than any family he’d ever recalled.

What came in the next years were a mixture of terrible devices and shortcomings in his mentor’s teaching and his own innocence: he unknowing pushed the edges of the 6th Law of Magic when he saw and attempted to counteract the accidental death of the parents he never truly knew. He saw their death one night in his 14th year, a carnival accident which somehow involved two clowns, a ghost, and an army of fun-house mirrors. Sincere in his idea that even though he knew them he had the power to protect, he set out to do whatever he could- which wasn’t the best idea.

His mother and father weren’t there at when the ghost possessed the clown in the house of mirrors and tore a few people to small ribbons of flesh. Instead he was sitting right there as the cart behind him detached from the miniature roller coaster, dumping his parents and a young teenage couple into the iron, boiling working of a turn of century popcorn machine and all its metal workings. Impaled and declared dead on arrival at the hospital, Nicholas’ frail mentality fractured as his parents’ lives ended. Within him a power grew that he would never control fully: a warlock bent on controlling time completely in order to revive his parent’s lives so he could see them again. He also could never eat popcorn again.

3×5 notes:
Born in Gooding Idaho and took his apprenticeship under Alexander Merlith after foretelling JFK’s assassination at age 4
Developed his talents and foresaw the death of his disconnected parents
Attempted to save his parents but was unable to see alternative fates and they died even after his first rescue
His alter ego, a true, power-hungry warlock, grew within him in order revive his parents

Rising Conflict:
Phase Aspect: Eyes of Chronos

Some days you really wish you didn’t randomly see the future. This is especially true when you A) cannot easily control it and B) tended to react to it subconsciously to whatever you saw but don’t remember. This is especially true when you tend to see moments of especially strong emotion- such as pain, happiness, and lust. This is most commonly seen when Nick falls mentally head over heels with a woman only to know sooner than later exactly how she will dump him. It’s really kinda sad and mostly his fault as once he sees the visions he visibly grows apathetic and depressed, leading to most of his break ups as he ‘knew’ they’d happen- which every one of his dates has blatantly rejected an impossible regardless of his ‘gift’.

This constant string of powerlessness felt from being unable to change the future and the rush he gained from unconsciously walking down those soon to be shattered paths added up until Nick grew resentful of the world in his mid-teens (some say right after the death of his parents) and focused more upon blocking it off. He devoted himself almost solely to defensive magic; something Alexander sought to prevent and nearly lit the boy aflame due to his annoyance. Egged on by nursed burns, Nicholas took an interest in karate (as did many in the 70s) in an effort to sate his mentor’s anger. This and an introductory course in firearms rounded out his physical talents in his faux-father’s eyes, allowing him to quietly resume his introverted habits and learning all he could of the hidden world of Wizards.

And years passed, such time came that the young ‘psychic’ recruit was let go by the Federal cover Alexander had created for him during multiple reevaluations during the mid 80s of such programs. With little history outside of being a solely focuses wizard, Nick tried his hand at doing dime-store divinations to keep his time and home. Shortly after his first readings he had to close shop as even though he read the future accurately for his patrons they rejected his claims completely and some went so far as to besmirch the young ‘psychic’ and his nonexistent reputations. Something was entirely amiss and Nicholas sought to resolve why.

With some digging through a few dozen archives working as an archivist and part librarian during the remainder of the 80s, Nicholas found his answer: Cassandra’s Tears. It seemed as though some part of his past had caused his natural clairvoyance to become clear yet corrupt at the same time. Luckily all this research through alternate means got Nick a job history in a field he could enjoy and with a little more digging about he found that there was a massive trove of ancient and well kept books within the halls of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. So with a touch a finagling and a few calls the middle-aged wizard found himself with a new job, stable income, and a decent house to begin his new, simple life.

Or not so simple, as fate would have it.

The Story: First Adventure
Phase Aspect:
Title: Grossly “little” Faeries
Guest Staring:

It was a dank day in May as Nick rose from bed. Summer was just starting to clear the ice from Boston’s dressings and the murk that came in was wet, and dreary. Typical as he’d lived there for about a year since he left the offices of his mentor’s parent “company” that held research for government offices on making psychic super soldiers. With a large federal settlement package and recommendation from his years of testing as a child and the laws passed during the late 80s that gradually lead to the fissure in federal spending on such projects (and, of course, the Wall coming down), Nick headed off on his own to make ends meet. So he ended up in Boston as an archivist at the oldest of MIT’s libraries, the Dewey Library. It is a stable job and he tends to be in the older sections of the library, preparing carts of ancient tomes for transport to the sister library to be transcribed into that fancy, new digital format for the internet.

Still, that day was fairly notable for two things happened in the course of five minutes: Nick rolled over to find a literal ogre sharing his bed and a knock came at the door. Honestly, whoever he bedded last night was either playing a terrible, terrible joke on him or he had WAY too much to drink last night. Rushing to the door and muttering a few select defensive wardings to make certain he wouldn’t be crushed instantly if his troll-date woke, Nick swore he saw raw ambrosia as he swung the apartment door open. If a troll was considered repulsive and had a beauty score of 0 then this young, voluptuous lass whom he saw was well over nine thousand on that scale. Rubbing his eyes to make sure he was fairly awake in more than one department, he came to realize that her glamour stuck out.

“Well, that explains the ogre.” he murmured half consciously as he looked upon a rather blatant Sidhe member, her calm, attractive looks shattered by the blatant façade of predatory grace and bundled cruelty in her dark, low-slung clothing and smile. In the course of three minutes of indirect questions and answers Nicholas found out that the troll he’d been with was his younger date, a former changeling, and that this was her mother’s master, Allestia.

“Now, as you see, fair mortal, I seek to reclaim the one that is mine. Now I ask passage into your home. Would you give it so?” Allestia asked in an ever so sweet tongue that dripped of sour milk.

Now that is a question fate often gives as very dangerous and very necessary. Pondering a second, Nicholas shut the door upon the faerie’s face, trudged into the kitchen with a renewed kicker of his hangover, and started making breakfast. No sooner had he set down to begin eating his fried eggs and toast his date rolled over, sniffed the air, and trundled into the room as blonde as he’d remembered she’d been. Naked as any muscle-bound mass of near ten-foot flesh could be and sporting arms nearly as thick as his torso, she looked at him with a rather hungry expression.

“Morning g-gorgeous. I cooked you some breakfast.” he said cheerily, motioning to a hefty portion of eggs and bread that sat right by the stove. What happened there about may well be the second most awkward scene in Nick’s life as he ate in relative peace with his previous date, now turned full fae, as he quietly panicked at the simple thoughts of “what if she’s still hungry after she finishes her breakfast?” Luckily for Nick his date, now recalled as Heather as the mental stupor of the previous night’s alcohol wore off fully, wandered into the bathroom, shut the door, and promptly screamed with her new inhuman mouth. Within minutes she burst through the door, shattered glass and porcelain in her wake as she fled the bathroom to the front door.

“Good morning my dear. I see you are getting rather used to your new skin.” Allestia spoke cleanly to the naked ogre standing before her. “I believe we need to be off before we cause a scene, something about a low profile. Or is it a high profile? These mortal ways of speech are so uncouth.”

And so, too, did our ogres shut the door upon Allestia’s face. Must not have been her day, either, as there was an audible choke from the other side of the door and for a few miles in each direction. Turning to the still seated Wizard, the she ogre paled as a giant mass of muscled flesh could.

“Yo-you must save me!” she pleaded in a very loud, guttural tongue that was fairly female. “She’s come to take me away and that shall not be!”

Something can be said about a very desperate ogress and one’s couch: they never go together. Ever. And so mourning the loss of his couch, Nicholas decided to help the lady before she took more anger out on his cheap furnishings. In the course of the next hour Nicholas slowly set into work calling around as many people as he could in order to find a solution. The best on he got was A) ignore it and B) sell your soul to the Sidhe in her place.

Somehow that last one just didn’t sit well with him

3×5 notes:
Woke up with a hangover and an female ogre in his bed
Ms. Ogre’s parent’s master comes to claim the new ogre
Sought protect the ogress for she fled and took a mortal guise in order to escape a bargain she’d made
Had a Changeling (Ryan) take her place instead and earned her respect and a few wild fae contacts

Guest Star: Tail Grabber
Writer: Ray Malvora (RT)
Phase Aspect: Red Card
Used the trade of services (and blackmail potential from Ray’s trouble aspect) at the bar and gain neutral reprieve from the war and a limited set of contacts in the Malvora house.

Guest Star Redux: Usable Art
Writer: Katsu (Steve)
Phase Aspect: Banned Camp
After meeting at the bar and becoming slightly familiar with each other the young adept found himself in hot water. One visit to the underground library and an overnight camping trip later, the water cools. Favors are met out later, stories are swapped, and business cards are exchanged (Katsu’s being metal)

Nicholas Zeroiski

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