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  • Nicholas Zeroiski

    Phase Aspect: Becoming Like Two
    Born: August 28, 1959.
    Years ago there was a youth born to a small family in Gooding, Idaho. One time, amongst his youth, he told of a catastrophe- as assassination. The year was 1963, …

  • Allyson Heidecker

    Allyson Heidecker is the current warden of the Boston area. She makes her home in Salem of all places. She is in fact the reason that most supernatural critters believe that the area is cursed. She tends to kill anything that pisses her off and isn't …

  • Alexander Merlith

    The former master of the rather introverted and paranoid Warder, Nicholas Zeroiski. This wizened old fool worked as an agent in one of the 'Psychic Soldier' projects during the 60s and 70s as cover for finding talents to train and join the White Council …