Custom Spells

This is a listing of the common Rotes and major works of spellcraft used by various characters in the game Loose Threads. Some subject to change or be quietly retconned out of existence.

Nicholas Zeroiski:
Attack Spells
Block Spells
Maneuver Spells

Lesser Automata – Doma Arigato Mr. Roboto
Time Scrying – nothing seen cannot be seen once more. Just the Rewind button’s kinda picky
Knowledge of the Ages – tapping into minds from eras ago
Simplicity – Just another house in the neighborhood
Stonewall – when you absolutely have to prevent a stinger missile from entering your house
Mini-Walled – when you absolutely have to have a ward up that minute
Portcullis – why you don’t try for the windows
Trick Step – why you don’t try for the front door. Also rather sticky
Rose Garden – why you don’t try for the sewer system, digging underneath, or just generally trying to get inside quickly. Really, really painful way to go as well
Mixed Effects:
Hedge Maze – eat my fruit now you damned Faerie bastard!

Instant Textbook – when your Scholarly pursuits need to be done quickly
Grenades – not just for worms
Blending Potion – when you want to be part of the background

Custom Spells

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